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Fife 'n Drum Butternut Squash Vegetarian
butternut squash ravioli with cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin seeds, spinach and sage brown butter. Incredible!

–Fife ‘n Drum Restaurant | When you are hankering for New American, eclectic, seasonal, comforting food. A restaurant steeped in history (family run and owned since 1973) serving up some classic favorites plus specialties that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else around here. When you want to sit by the fire and have the best Caesar salad or Filet au Poivre made for you tableside. Also, for those who like to choose from an extensive wine list (28 pages and they have made the Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence every year since 1992).

The Fife ‘n Drum is a beloved Kent institution. The ambiance feels like a hug from a loved one – it’s so darn cozy. The perfect place to go after an afternoon of shopping in Kent on a cold, frosty day! We loved every moment of our 20-course meal.

Fife 'n Drum Crispy Chicken
Fife Sampler
Fife 'n Drum Pan Roasted Pork Chops
Pan Roasted Pork Chops
Fife 'n Drum: Raspberry and Peach Cobbler
Raspberry and Peach Cobbler
Elissa Potts, Owner of the Fife in Kent, Connecticut
Elissa Potts

Keeping it in the family
We had the pleasure of talking to Elissa Potts about her memories of the Fife ‘n Drum when it was first opened by her parents Dolph and Audrey Traymon back when Kent was a sleepy little town. In 1973, when Dolph and Audrey decided to move from Long Island out to Kent to open a fine dining restaurant – some thought they were not thinking straight!

Dolph Traymon, an accomplished musician and accompanist, and Audrey wanted to open a restaurant of their own; a place where they could offer fine dining and Dolph could continue to play the piano for his customers. Kent was a town that Audrey knew of from visiting when she worked for a greeting card company. She loved it, so there is where they chose to open The Fife ‘n Drum, January 20, 1973 (Read the whole story here).

Elissa spent a summer out of college helping her parents run the restaurant and got the bug, becoming the manager in 1997. She spoke fondly of some of the early day struggles, triumphs, and stories of how her dad would never ever, not finish a song – even if somebody was waiting for a bottle of fine wine that only he knew where it was stashed.

We were truly heartbroken to hear that Dolph Traymon passed away shortly after our visit with Elissa, and we pass on our deepest condolences. The Litchfield County community will feel his loss, he was known and loved by many in town and far beyond.


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