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PET FRIENDLY INN: Friendly Dogs Welcome



Just under 70% of U.S. households have a pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey. It probably comes as no surprise that the survey also found that dogs were the most popular pet for American households. About 37 percent of those pet owners travel with their pets every year. This is a worldwide trend.

The bigger trend in pet ownership is how dogs are literally treated like family members.

The airlines continue to change their policies for example, JetBlue first welcomed travelers with pets through its JetPaws program launched in 2008, offering fewer restrictions, accessories like TSA-approved carrier bags, extra frequent-flyer points and even the ability to book pets online. But now, airlines across the country have loosened restrictions for in-cabin pets, many launching pet programs like Virgin America’s Flying Paws. Delta, Southwest and United have dropped their requirement to book pets over the phone.

Even Amtrak, a notoriously un-pet-friendly rail network that’s allowed only service animals in decades past, is changing. In October 2015, Amtrak tested a pets-on-board pilot program, which turned out to be successful. Amtrak signed the Pets on Trains Act of 2015, and it now allows pets up to 20 pounds on most routes up to seven hours (though they must be in a pet carrier and booked only in coach class).


We understand that pets are considered part of the family providing company, security, pleasure and affection to their owners who often carry their picture, trust in their sensitivity, and ‘talk’ to them forming strong emotional attachments. Of course, it’s not just good for the humans to take their pets with them…it’s also good for the pet. Dogs in particular are so attuned to their owners needs that it can cause separation anxiety, like children sometimes experience away from their parents. Traveling with a dog for example, re-enforces the relationship and enriches the dogs experience of the world. And then there’s all those snuggles.

So you smarty dog…welcome to the Fife ‘n Drum Inn in gorgeous Connecticut!


PS: Our Pet Friendly Inn Policies are HERE

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